Experienced using most lighting fixtures in studio or on location. In-depth knowledge of different light sources and their qualities. Attentive to detail with careful use of gels to create a desired look. Experienced in rigging lights and setting up modifiers using appropriate solutions and ensuring health and safety on set. Confident working at height. Thorough understanding and many years experience of temporary electrical distribution and potential hazards working with electricity.

Electrical qualifications include BS7671-17th Edition and BS7909 Temporary Electrical Systems.

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For a fast response: email: bmulvad at

Gaffer selected credits

• Strange Cities Are Familiar - Short film
• Around The Sun - Feature film
• A Guide to Second Date Sex - Feature film
• Leash - Short film
• Astroid Boys - Dirt - Music video
• 5 short films for It’s My Shout - June/July 2017
• Wild Honey Pie - Feature film
• Clogau Gold - Advert
• Pearson - Advert

• Tom Grennan - Praying - Music video
• Welsh Lottery - Advert 2017
• Woolovers - Advert 2016 “More Than Just Knitwear”
• 7 short films for It’s My Shout - July/August 2016
• 'Human Milk, Tailor-Made for Tiny Humans’ - Advert


Diana Olifirova
Michael Edo Keane
Paul Mackay
Diana Olifirova
Keefa Chan

Bet Rourich
Keefa Chan
Geoffrey Taylor
Joe Cook
Ryan Eddleston
Ryan Eddleston

Eric Trometer
Spark selected credits

• Ill Behaviour BBC2 series
• Don’t Fool Around With Love (feature film)
• Aamir (short film)
• B&B (feature film)
• Heretiks (feature film)
• City Lights (short film)
• Crowhurst (feature film)

Gaffer: Mark Holownia
Gaffer: Jose Ruiz
Gaffer: Mark Holownia
Gaffer: Mark Holownia
Second unit DOP: Keefa Chan
Gaffer: Jonathan McLaughlin
Gaffer: Markus A. Ljungberg